HobbyWing EZRUN-18A-SL Drone ESC

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1.1 Output capability: Continuous current 25A, instantaneous current 90A;
1.2 Power input: 4-9 NiMH / NiCd battery pack or 2-3 lipo batteries;
1.3 BEC Output: 6V / 1.5A;
1.4 Resistance: 0.005 Ohm;
1.5 Support Motor type: brushless no sense;
1.6 Number of support motor T: * Note 1
(1)When Section 6 2 NiMH or lithium, RV ≥ 12T, SUVs ≥18T;
(2) When Section 9 NiMH or lithium 3, RV ≥ 18T, SUVs ≥24T;
1.7 Applicable models: 1 / 16,1 / 18 electric power room nordic Sport;
1.8 Dimensions: 31.5mm (length) * 27.5mm (width) * 16mm (height);
1.9 Weight: 23g (excluding lead by weight);

Note 1: T number listed here as 2040 motors (diameter 24mm, length 40mm) reference value.

Product Features

2.1 is compatible with a variety of non-inductive (ie without Hall sensors) brushless motor;
2.2 using high quality materials, so that the ESC has strong resistance to current capacity;
2.3 The new program algorithm, excellent start effect, acceleration and throttle linearity;
2.4 includes a contest (forward with brakes) mode, practice (Reversible with brake) mode and Rock Crawler (direct reversing) three modes of operation;
2.5 very rich parameter options for a variety of frame, tires and site characterization;
2.6 Multiple protection features: Low voltage protection (supports Lithium and NiCd / NiMH battery), temperature protection, throttle control protection, stall protection;
2.7 software into the angle adjustment and angle adjustment into the traditional way (rotating motor cover to change the relative position of the sensor) having the same effect, the method is more simple and more delicate, no risk of damage to the motor or ESC;
2.8 Speed programmed, there is a single bond and factory reset function;
2.9 supports a variety of parameter setting mode: ESC key, the ESC program card, 2-in-1 multi-functional professional programming box, PC special program;
2.10 can take advantage of the USB interface firmware upgrade online ESC (Firmware) specialty programming on the box, the latest features

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