RC BEC 30A Brushless ESC

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Product function:
1. Safe power-on function: When power is switched on, no matter where the throttle rocker is, it will not start the motor immediately to avoid causing personal injury.
2. Accelerator stroke adjustment function: adapting to different remote control oils.
improve the linearity of throttle response, with smooth and delicate speed control feel and first-class speed control linearity.
3. Programming items:
Brake setting: no brake/with brake, factory default value is no brake.
Battery type: Li-xx (lithium battery)/ Ni-xx (nickel cadmium or nickel hydrogen), default value is Li-xx (lithium battery).
Low Voltage Protection Mode: Reduce Power/Close Output, Default Value is Reduce Power.
Low voltage protection threshold: low/medium/high, default value is medium cut-off voltage.
When Li-xx battery is used, the number of lithium electrons is automatically judged. The cut-off voltage of each battery is 2.6V, 2.85V and 3.1V respectively in low/medium/high conditions.
When the Ni-xx battery is set, the voltage of the battery pack is automatically detected when the battery is turned on. The cut-off voltage in low/medium/high conditions is 0%, 45% and 60% of the input voltage when the battery is turned on (0% means no low voltage protection).
Start mode: normal/soft/super-soft start, default value is normal start.
Ordinary startup is suitable for fixed wing and can start motor quickly in 0.2 seconds.
Soft start/super-soft start is suitable for helicopters; soft start and super-soft start have relatively low initial speed, which takes 1 second and 2 seconds respectively from start to full speed, but if the throttle is closed after start, it will start again in normal mode within 3 seconds, so as not to cause a crash due to slow reaction in some special action flight.
Inlet angle: low/medium/high, default value is mid-angle.

Generally speaking, low angle can adapt to more motors, but in order to improve efficiency, it is recommended to use low angle for 2-pole motors and medium angle for 6-pole motors. In order to increase the speed, the inlet angle can be set to a high one. After changing the angle settings, it should be tested on the ground before flying.
Restore factory default value.
4. Comprehensive protection function:
Under-voltage protection: set by user through program.
Overvoltage protection: input voltage over 18 volts does not start, automatic protection, while sending out a rapid "beep" alarm.
Overheat protection: built-in temperature detection circuit, when the temperature of MOS transistor is too high, the electric regulation is automatically turned off.
The remote control signal loss protection: the power is reduced after the remote control signal loss for one second, and the output is closed when there is no remote control signal for another two seconds.

Process craft:
1. The input terminal of power supply adopts ultra-low impedance and large capacity electrolytic capacitor, which greatly improves the anti-interference ability.
2. The output MOSFET power transistor is equipped with independent radiator, which can reduce the temperature rise of the device and improve the system's high current working ability.
3. It is controlled by single chip computer.
4. Single-chip microcomputer adopts independent voltage regulator chip to avoid power interference caused by BEC load change and improve the stability of single-chip computer.

Ultimate use:
Continuous current 30A, instantaneous 35A, 40A lasts 10 seconds.
Outward Size / Weight:
45*24*11 (mm), 25 g (including lines)
Voltage range: 4V-16V
Number of batteries: 4-12NIMH
2-3 LIPO (4LIPO does not allow BEC output)
BEC output:
Continuous 2A, (instantaneous 3A)
2LIPO 4-5 miniature steering gear
3LIPO 3-4 miniature steering gear

Protection function:
Automatic selection of 2-3 LIPO, respectively protection voltage is 6V/9V.
Automatic selection of NIMH, each section of protection voltage is 0.8V.
Safe start, wrong throttle position prohibited start.
Temperature protection, 110 degree surface temperature shutdown.
Out of control protection, no signal, stop after 1 second.

Performance description:
The upper limit of rotation speed is 210,000 rotations at 2 poles, 35,000 rotations at 12 poles and 42,000 rotations at 14 poles.
8KHz PWM control, using speed control curve.
The automatic throttle adapts to more remote control equipment.
Use BEC, MCU separate the power supply and the work is more stable.

Setting method:
1. Open the transmitter and push the throttle to the highest level (FUTABA series transmitters need to select REV throttle channel to use).
2. Connect the receiver and motor.
3. Turn on the power supply and the transmitter will have the following sound if it is normal: (If the sound is a long "beep" after the end of the sound, then check the reverse setting of the transmitter throttle channel. )
B represents LIPO automatic protection
BB stands for NIMH/NICD automatic protection
BBB represents brake selection

At this time, if there are other settings, quickly push the throttle to the maximum, you can make the choice of the next option.
If your setup is complete, wait 2 seconds for the motor to emit the appropriate battery protection to confirm the sound and confirm the throttle position before you use it.

No factory settings. In the actual use process, a brake setting operation can be done, so that the motor can use the back EMF to brake after closing the throttle.
If the braking function is to be removed, the braking operation can be set again, and the function is cancelled.

Common Sense:
Some players pick up the electric adjuster and install it directly on the plane. As a result, they hear the beep. The motor does not turn or the speed does not go up. The reasons are as follows:
For the first time, it is necessary to identify the maximum and minimum distances of remote control. The methods are as follows:
Electric tuning connected to the motor - electric tuning connected to the receiver - open the remote control and push the throttle to the highest point - plug the electric tuning into the battery - listen to the sound - Music - beep (throttle peak confirmation sound) - after two tones, pull the throttle rod to the lowest point - hear three beeps - (throttle minimum confirmation sound, 2S two tones, 3S three tones) - OK

Brushless brushless motor three lines can be arbitrarily connected. If the steering is wrong, adjust any two of them.

1 X Brushless Motor Speed Controller

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